Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Any Advice?

This picture was in the possession of every sibling of my husband's father. BUT no one knows anything about them - not who they are, not where the picture was taken, not when it was taken. They appear to be in some sort of Ukrainian clothing, but we're not even sure of that. There was one side of the family from Galicia who came to Canada around 1905. Those people *may* be descendants of the people in this picture which is the front side of a postcard. I keep hoping someone will recognize the costumes.

On the back of the postcard was written the following:

Any help would be appreciated.
I should say that the words have been translated by 3 different Professors of Slavic Languages, AND by a gentleman I met one evening at the Regina Saskatchewan Family History Centre. All were helpful, but the one that made the most sense was the man's - who said he was 'from' that area of Galicia. Small world? For sure.


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