Monday, June 20, 2016

Ghosts Towns

Saskatchewan History & Folklore Society has posted about ghost towns, primarily in Saskatchewan, but there is much the same no matter where 'your' ghost town is. Great information, pictures, and dialogue. The one I found on Facebook was from MaxTV Magazine at Scroll down to find Ghost Towns. Then I found an article on Wikipedia with lists of ghost towns in Saskatchewan If you're interested in ghost towns for any other Province or State, just Google it. Google is truly the most powerful tool we have today!

For instance, I googled "youtube ghost towns saskatchewan" and got 223,000 results! Scroll through to find the town you're interested in. I also found this It might just be the Browser I'm using at the moment (Firefox), but nothing happened when I tried to launch any of the links on the home page. Too bad. Hopefully you'll have better luck. So I switched to Chrome, from Firefox, and found a whole new set of links that did not pop up from the Firefox search. A VERY GOOD reminder to not always stick with just one Browser.


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