Monday, October 15, 2018

Learn New Skills - Scottish Research

I've written about this site before, but it's worth mentioning again as there has been another update. My Irish grandfather, who moved to Scotland as a young man, had 5 paternal uncles and one paternal aunt. I've been able to trace them all, except one who just refused to appear anywhere following the 1901 census in Ayrshire Scotland. Lo and behold, there he is in the Scottish Indexes, named in the Sheriff Court Paternity Cases - in two consecutive years [gulp] by two different ladies [shoot]. Wow!

So after learning what would have happened to him, this 'could' be a reason for him to have left Scotland which 'could' be why I've not been able to track him. Hmmmmmm. Always be prepared for what sad or nasty things we learn ... and often we are without having any of the details. In this case there are lots of details, none of which make me proud. Anwyay, I digress. Here is the site, but PLEASE read through the Search Help and the Learning Zone

I will say again, the Scots have the BEST records!