Monday, April 25, 2016


Well I finally took the plunge and ordered my first DNA kit. I purchased the FamilyFinder from FamilyTree DNA which is still on sale today (I think tomorrow is the final sale day April 26, 2016). The kit was on sale so by the time you add on shipping it cost $91 something. I took the advice of Peter Calver, who writes Lost Cousins newsletter, when deciding on which kit to buy. I'm not expecting anything earth shattering, unless I've made a serious error in my research (oh wouldn't that be awful!!) as they only go back about 5 generations. I just figured it was time to get my feet wet, and learn about this DNA 'stuff'. haha

I've just now checked with Ancestry DNA as I received an email from them as I am writing this. I had once considered buying their autosomal test too, but guess what their SALE PRICE is for Canadians? $168.99 shipping included. Well. Hmmmmm. Not a freakin chance ... at least at this time. Too bad cause I have a 'cousin' who tested with them and I was hoping to compare. Oh well. Hopefully Ancestry will find it in their hearts to not charge the daylights out of poor Canadians. $79. for Americans. So with the exchange 79US should be $100.23Canadian. Hmmmmmm. New owners maybe want to retire next month? hahaha Whatever. I'm excited, and will keep you up to date as I learn about my tests. Anyone want to share their thoughts, just click on "No Comments" below this post, or in the Comments box, whichever you can see.