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Courses Fall 2010 - WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?


Anyone still interested in registering in the Census Course, or inquiring for additional information, is welcome to email me or phone either 695-2241 or 533-3941. Otherwise you can put your name on a pre-registration list for courses offered Fall 2011 in either Regina or Indian Head.

Celebrate and preserve your own history by building your family tree. At some point in life, people feel compelled to learn more about the individuals in their family who came before them. What makes genealogical research even more interesting is seeing the impact your ancestors had on the world's history, and the impact they had on your own life. Your physical appearance, likes or dislikes, health, even your occupation may be traced back to your ancestors. At this FREE information session you will meet your instructor, hear an overview of each course offered this semester, and you should feel free to ask your questions. Classes are taught by a professional instructor/researcher with well over a decade of experience. Pat is a well known speaker who has conducted workshops locally, and as far away as Whitehorse and Scotland. She specializes in saving you time and money throughout her courses. All classes use the Internet and introduce you to the best free and trusted web sites online. A huge bonus is the quality and quantity of copious notes you are provided with following each class. This means you are able to listen, learn, and participate without attempting to take notes! The notes are yours to keep and are included in your registration fees. These notes may save you from having to purchase several books. Your emailed notes will include live links to the numerous web sites we'll be using so all you have to do is 'click' and you're there!

Stay tuned to this blog - become a 'Subscriber' to get all updates,immediately. Subscribing if totally FREE. There are two ways to subscribe. Choose either by Email or by RSS - found directly under the Search box at the top right side of the Home page. You can also contact Pat by email at for additional information, or phone 695-2241, or cell 533-3941. Pat Ryan MCCSG

Indian Head Library Sept. 9, 2010 7pm FREE

Regina: Pasqua Rec Centre Sept. 15, 2010 7pm FREE

Pasqua Neighbourhood Recreation Centre is located at 263 Lewvan Drive - from the Lewvan, turn east onto Sherwood Drive, then south on Wascana St. and the Rec Centre is on your west/right side situated in a large free parking lot. For a good map see

NOTE: Dates and times for the last two courses to be held in Indian Head will be the same as the Regina dates and times with all classes held in Regina. In other words I have combined the two groups which makes for a better experience for all.
The Regina dates/times/locations are correct as listed below. Please be aware that some of these classes offer the opportunity to do hands-on research at various repositories in Regina and those classes will need to take place during normal morning business hours in the city, usually 9:30 - 11:30am.

UNPUZZLING YOUR PAST - Using the Internet
This is the course you should start with - whether a beginning genealogist or a seasoned researcher. You won't believe what you've been missing! Locate reliable records - many available only on the Internet - if you only knew where to find them and how to use them to their full potential. This is a fun, exciting course that helps you: build your solid foundation, avoid common errors, and prepares you for the following advanced courses. Students work with their OWN family research. No matter how much, or how little, you have - do NOT underestimate the importance of this course! Extensive Internet use. Email if you need additional information or to register if you missed Registration night. Pat Ryan MCCSG

Indian Head CEC
Sept 16 CE 9:30 - 11:30am
Sept 23 CE 9:30 - 11:30am
Sept 30 CE 9:30 - 11:30am
Oct 07 CE 9:30 - 11:30am $125.00

Sept 22 Pasqua Rec Centre 7 - 9pm
Sept 29 Pasqua Rec Centre 7 - 9pm
Oct 06 Pasqua Rec Centre 7 - 9pm
Oct 13 Pasqua Rec Centre 7 - 9pm $125.00

THE LAST BEST WEST - Using the Saskatchewan Archives
Western Canada was primarily settled by homesteaders. Most were recent immigrants, and few had any farming experience. It is therefore, very normal to include teachers, doctors, lawyers, ministers, and business owners/shop keepers within the term 'homesteaders'. A file was created about each piece of land and there is a wealth of information within each file regarding the person(s) who farmed that piece of land. We have found details such as former residences, important dates, the size and cost of buildings, livestock, family details, signatures, personal correspondence, and even birth/marriage/death and divorce papers. The fortunate students enrolled in this course will learn how to use the Internet to locate land details across Canada, and will also spend the last two classes doing hands-on research AT the SK Archives in Regina ... with your instructor there to assist you! These students will also be treated to a private tour of the Archives 'hidden' records - those precious records that are only accessed through normally locked doors/drawers/cabinets!! What kinds of records might you find there? Things like local histories, Canadian censuses, biographies, provincial newspapers, fur trade, Metis, immigration, ships passenger lists, provincial settlement, rural life, urban life, economics, government, politics, court records, maps, architectural drawings, private records, border crossing, fire insurance, police, certain indexes to births, marriages, deaths etc. etc as well as audio/video and a huge collection of historical photographs. This is an opportunity not to be missed. Extensive computer use. Class size is limited. Prior completion of Unpuzzling Your Past is strongly recommended. Email if you have additional questions or to register if you missed Registration night. Pat Ryan MCCSG

Wed, Oct. 20 Pasqua Rec Centre 7 - 9pm $125.00
Wed, Oct. 27 emailed lessons (no classroom session)
Wed, Nov. 03 Sask. Archives, 3303 Hillsdale St, Regina 9:30 - noon
Wed, Nov. 10 Sask. Archives, 3303 Hillsdale St, Regina 9:30 - noon

Scrawled upon some of Canada's historical documents are your ancestor's names, along with personal data about them.The census is the first, and possibly the most valuable, resource every genealogist should use - but there are serious pitfalls you need to be aware of!

Canada has one of the oldest and longest surviving censuses, taken every ten years for the past 160 years. You may find answers to questions asked regarding names, ages, places and years of birth, occupations, religion, and year of immigration for each person residing in each household! Plus serious clues to migrations, births, marriages, deaths, parents, siblings, extended family relationships. As an added bonus the last two classes will take place AT the Prairie History Room (PHR) in downtown branch of the Regina Public Library where students will enjoy a serious introduction to the vast holdings of this world renowned collection of genealogical records covering so much more than our Prairie Provinces. Students will also have free and ongoing access, at the Regina Public Library, to the website run by with Pat providing them with introductory instructions to 'get them going' in this wonderful, huge web site. Extensive computer use. Class size is limited.

The Canadian census was only taken by legal land description rather than by surname so it is strongly recommended you have completed Unpuzzling Your Past as well as The Last Best West. We will be using free and complete online sources for the censuses and therefore your first two weeks of lessons come complete via email. The last two lessons will be held at the PHR in Regina.

Email if you have additional questions or to register if you missed Registration night. Pat Ryan MCCSG.

Wed, Nov. 10 emailed lessons (no classroom session) $125.00
Wed, Nov. 17 emailed lessons (no classroom session)
Wed, Nov. 24 9:30 - 11:30am PRH
Wed, Dec. 01 9:30 - 11:30am PHR

Genealogy's Often - Misspelled Words

Genealogy - No, it is not spelled “geneology” nor is it spelled in the manner I often see: “geneaology.” This becomes really important as you use the Internet, which may not recognize what you are searching for.

Cemetery - The letter "a" does not appear anywhere in the word "cemetery." You can remember the spelling by an old saying, "We go to the cemetery with E's." (ease)

Ancestor - This simple word is often spelled “ancester,” “ansester,” or “ansestor.”

Ancestry - This word is often misspelled “ancestory.” I often see errors when someone is referring to the online web site.

History - More than once I have seen someone refer to their "family histroy" or "family histry."

Descent - Perhaps not as common, but I have seen this spelled as "decent," which sounds almost the same.

Progenitor - This is a tough one!

Gazetteer - CRITICAL that you spell this one perfectly! There is probably a gazetteer for your ancestral locations online, but you'll need to spell it correctly. What is a gazetteer? It's a geographical dictionary and you CANNOT do genealogy without it!!

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Upcoming Classes Fall 2010

Watch this site as I will be posting my Fall 2010 classes soon!!