Wednesday, June 29, 2016

British Parliamentary Papers on Ireland

I'm still learning what this is, but in case I get sidetracked (again), thought I should share it with you. There is a ton here as I've already discovered. You'll need to look through the tabs top bar etc.

HINT: I've now been playing with this site for half an hour and have learned some rather unique tips. For instance if you're in the Irish Emigration Database, you need to uncheck [of the left] whatever topic you wish to read! If you don't unckeck, you never see what's there! Is that weird? Me thinks so, but that's how it works. Y'er welcome. haha

One more Note: I can now see the value of this site, and it is considerable! But has a learning curve for sure. All I can tell you right now is be prepared to READ and click, click, click throughout the site as it is ENORMOUS!! There is even sections of interviews you can listen to. Yup, this is an amazing find. Well there goes the rest of this week!! Lol.


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