Saturday, May 31, 2014

Get Their Name Using Their Age

There's a pretty interesting article, with lots of examples here. The practical implications are numerous for genealogists!! Think of all the times you've found a new 'name' (aka relative), but that's all you know, the name. So what if you could narrow down that person's year of birth just by using their name? OK, so it's not perfect, but sometimes we're so happy to have a clue. hahaha

Anyway, have a peek


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Historical War Wills Online - United Kingdom

Scottish Soldier Wills at

Irish First World War FREE at

England & Wales PAY at
Some UK soldiers' wills are also calendared (abridged) in the National Probate Calendar on


Top 10 websites for English genealogy

Following is a list suggested by FamilyTree University. Just take the major title and Google it. For instance, from #1, copy FreeBMD and paste that into your search engine. For me to put the direct link would take me too much time, AND it's good practice for you!! Yay, that's my story and I'm stickin with it!! hahaha

1. FreeBMD. Civil registration records. Free.

2. FreeReg. Parish registers. Free.

3. FindMyPast. Most searches free. Views by subscription or pay-per-view. FindMyPast has acquired rights for many databases compiled by the Federation of Family History Societies.

4. Origins. Wills indexes, marriage indexes, censuses, electoral registers. Free searches. Views by hourly, monthly or annual subscription.

5. The Genealogists. Parish records, non-conformist church records (in cooperation with The National Archives), some newspapers, Canterbury wills.

6. British Library Newspaper Archive has searchable images of a handful of English newspapers.

7. Fold3 has images of the London Times from 1788-1820 (originals at Allen County Library, Ft. Wayne, Indiana).

8. The National Burial Index. A project of FFHS, the National Burial Index is a database of entries from English and Welsh burials registers - both Church of England and non-conformist. It is available only in libraries and archives in England and Wales, or at the Family History Library. It can be ordered from FFHS Services for £27.95. FFHS also has a Monumental Transcriptions Project to index cemetery transcriptions.

9. Ireland and United KingdomGenweb Project. Part of WorldGenweb, the Ireland and United Kingdom Project, has separate sites for each English County (hosted by Rootsweb at Contents vary by county. The Yorkshire site has links to family history sites, local family history organizations, and various record indexes. Some links connect to Genuki (see below); you will encounter broken links. Overall, Genuki is probably a better starting point for your local research.

10. GENUKI. Genuki is a free British Isles help-site similar to U.S. Genweb. Within Genuki are websites for each county in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Genuki also offers a church database (

Gorgeous Day!!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Try ... and ... TRY AGAIN

A while back I was talking about the new database on FindmyPast to search through the 1841/51 Irish census fragments. These records were used as authentications or substitutes for births for those folks now old enough to apply for old age pensions. My comment, which is still valid, is that not all locations are to be found. My GILMORE families, as well as my CLYDESDALE/LITTLE/BINGHAM/McNIECE families, were not in any of these fragments.

Well boy and girls, I recently received an update about this database, so figured I'd give it one more shot. Now I didn't find any of my ancestors, BUT I did find one CLYDESDALE entry for the exact location my great grandmother CLYDESDALE came from. When I say exact, I mean the exact little townland so it's a big deal!! It's an unusual enough surname that I'm feeling pretty confident (genealogically speaking that is] that she may belong to one of the many 'collaterals' in my family AND I'm going to begin to follow this lady. She just may turn out to be a relation [dare I wish for a 'sibling'?] to my great gran!! If so, perhaps she's left some valuable information behind that will help me. If not, well it's someone new to search for.

So moral of story is ... "when you've exhausted all possibilities, remember this ... you haven't"!! Try, try, and try again. Oh and those words of wisdom are not mine ... they belonged to a certain Mr. Thomas Edison. Any light bulbs turning on for you? Hahaha


Google Alerts for Google Earth - FREE

Following is an email I received from my friend Lisa Louise Cooke who runs GenealogyGems I know I've mentioned her before, but in case you weren't ready, give her a look now. In the meantime read on ...

"Here's a free website that will help you follow your genealogical world:

Think of this as Google Alerts for Google Earth! (And if you're not using Google Alerts, honestly, what are you waiting for?) This simple site alerts you when new imagery is available in both Google Maps and Google Earth. Just search for an ancestor's location, mark the point, and submit. Each time Google updates the satellite and aerial imagery in that area you will receive notification.

This is particularly helpful in international areas where images haven't been as up to date. For instance, I'm following Belarus, and have received a couple of updates that have given me a better view of where my Great Grandfather Sporowki's family once lived."


Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Computer .... Woes or Learning Experience?

Hi All,

Do you folks remember .... waaaaaaaaaaaaay back ............ when a new computer was soooo exciting to get? Yeah, in the old days when we were all inexperienced, and computers were new, and we could not wait to see what was new, anticipation and excitement were the case. Shoot I started out with DOS!! OMG!!! haha

These days I run my computer right into the ground before I force myself to make that purchase. The great news is that they keep coming down in price, well at least until you start doing all those 'necessary' add-ons! I know about the FREE programs to replace MS Office Suite, BUT I'm an old dog now ... just scrambling to 'try' to keep up with great new things coming on the market every single second of every single day ... so it's just not fun anymore which is why I put it off as long as possible ... and pay the price to keep Mr. Gates in retirement. Oh yeah, and thankfully RAM has come down in price too. You know, it's kind of like buying a car - "Did you want tires and a steering wheel with that Ma'am?" ;))

I fussed and fumed over Windows 7 or 8 [my son and hubby saying "Get with it"], and my brain saying "Oh NO". I should add that neither of them use 8! I even took a class on Windows 8 over the winter ... of course that was back in January and it's now May, so my notes were versions of hieroglyphics, some parts were slightly familiar. ;)))) Soooooooooooo, I went with 7, plus the disc for 8 should I ever decide I really want a 'total breakdown'. haha

So now I am learning all this new 'stuff', even though it's just newer version(s) of what I've been using, there is still a ton of different ways of doing things. Improvements they tell me. There is something so very comforting to sit down and KNOW where buttons, icons, tabs, etc all are!! Aw well, it will get easier ... right? ;))))

So bear with me as I learn please? Oh yes, the first thing I need to do is enlarge the font [EVERYWHERE] as it all seems to have shrunk! THAT might have something to do with my last birthday? hahaha


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rootstech 2014

Yes I know this happened waaaaay back in February, but here is an interesting article as well as a link to more FREE presentations, particularly Friday's keynote by Judy Russell [scroll down the Roostech page until you find her name]

One other thing I read today that really made an impact on me
"YOU are the linking pin between your grandchildren and your grandparents". Hmmmmmm I never thought of it that way. I learned something today ... as always!! So I will keep telling family/people stories to my granddaughter and NOT worry about her parents rolling their eyes. :)))))))


10 Top Time-Saving Tech Tips

There are some great tips here, for all of us who use computers or cell phones

It's a wonderful day, finally!! I know it's wonderful because it's the first time this year I've gotten to line-dry my sheets. I guess it really *is* the small things that make us happy. :))))


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Irish 1841/51 Census Fragments - online, Free

The Old Age Pension Act of 1908, for those over age 70, came into effect in 1909. Seeing as civil registration of births did not begin in Ireland until 1864, most people would have no way to 'prove' their current age, or their year of birth.

Enter the censuses of 1841 and 1851 which would show personal and surnames of all those alive during those years, as well as where they lived, and with whom! What a wonderful treasure trove of information!

You can read further information, as well as search the database at the National Archives of Ireland

And now FindmyPast [all platforms] is also making these searches possible, FREE! is also making these searches available, soon.

On a personal note, many long years ago I ordered these films in from SLC. I couldn't believe that none of my Irish ancestors had taken advantage of this pension opportunity, and was shocked to not find even one application. Admittedly I was not near as good a researcher as I am now, so it's always possible I missed something. BUT even more important is the fact I did not understand then how important it is to understand what records are included. Read the areas covered folks ... before you spend too much time (as I did) searching these records.

Hopefully you will have some successes here!! If you do, I would LOVE to hear about it

Cheerio [what a spectacular weather day it is here today!]