Monday, May 3, 2010

New Pages

If you look to the right sidebar on this page, notice there are additional page(s) to view. The first one is titled "Ground Breaking Genealogy NEWS". This is where I will add great new genealogy tips/sites etc. and who knows how this page will evolve!!

Happy Searching Everyone!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spirit Day Indian Head May 1, 2010

Hello to everyone I met today at Spirit Day in Indian Head. While it continued to snow and drizzle outside, the rink was buzzing with hundreds of people. Thanks to all who introduced themselves to me!! Hope to see you in classes this fall.

You can watch (click on the Follow link) this blog to see the courses I will be offering in IH; as well as at the University of Regina Seniors Education, and at night classes through the City of Regina Community Associations. I'll also begin putting up interesting genealogy notes from around the world.

I have also accepted an invitation to speak at the IH Library Sept. 9th. Come out and hear about the courses I'll be offering this fall ... meet me, and ask your questions!

Kind Regards,