Thursday, November 28, 2013

50 Free Apps WE're Most Thankful For

I don't use all of these, but the ones I do use are awesome!! Have a look, choose what interests you, and enjoy!!

Have Fun!!

75 Best US State Genealogy Websites 2013

For those with USA ancestors, this is an awesome help. Just one word of advice, you may want to make a note of the URL somewhere other than your bookmarks, or bookmark the linked website(s) that are of interest to you as I've seen links like this from FamilyTree disappear or become a dead link.

Happy Searching and Happy Thanksgiving to all my USA friends, relatives, and blog readers!!

Advice on How to Research Family History - part 4

Here is Elizabeth Shown Mills final article, with her usual great advice

I always use the FAN club, and was glad to see Ms. Mills talk about it.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Legacy 8.0 Available Now

So the long awaited newest edition of Legacy genealogy software is now available. I'm never in a rush to fix things that ain't broke, but I'll be buying this one. They've really done a great job with all the new and enhanced features. Read about it for yourself at and you can still get it two ways - either the Deluxe, or the Standard which is free. Take the free 'tour' and decide for yourself.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Irish Lives Remembered - FREE magazine

I have mentioned this free magazine before, but thought it worth doing again for anyone who may have missed it. I look forward to reading through it each time it arrives, and you can search through the back issues (link on the top of the page) at

AND congrats to the Riders!! Finally we have a Grey Cup won on our homefield!!

Cheers all,
BTW, one month today and Christmas 2013 will be over! YIKES!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Genealogy Search Engine

I've talked about this lots, and have included it in numerous conference syllabus entries, but I was just playing around with it again and it is soooooooooooooooooo much better than earlier versions. You really should try it out, and don't forget to read through the site as there is lots there.


Four Free Websites to Find Old Maps

OK, here goes the rest of your week guys!! Some really good links thanks to the Genealogy Insider

Stay Warm!!

Writing the Family Story

Some good leads here

Guess what Step 1 is???? Sort & organize your piles of files!!! Haha That's where my Organizing Your Papers class comes in handy. And am I finished organizing? Shoot NO! ;-)


Advice on How To Search Family History - Part 3

Here is the 3rd installment of Elizabeth Shown Mills articles, with links back to Part 1 and 2.

As always, Ms. Mills offers sound professional advice. So this is something to do on a severely cold day.

Happy Reading,

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Advice on How to Research Family History, Part 2

Here is Elizabeth Shown Mills second installment and it's great, as always!

If you missed Part 1 of Ms. Mills articles, or any of my other previous postings, scroll down the right side of my blog until you see the topic(s) that interest you.


Website Updates from the IHGS

Website Updates as reported from IHGS - the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies. The following are great reminders for those with subscriptions, or perhaps a reason to buy!

Electrical engineering apprentices from the company Metropolitan-Vickers,
Manchester 1902 and 1934
Australian Capital Territory Marriages 1930-1938
Australian Capital Territory Deaths 1930-1983
South Australia remote deaths 1851-1965
South Australia lonely graves 1837-2005
South Australia unregistered deaths 1840-1970
South Australia Boer War Contingents
South Australia Boxer Rebellion Contingent
Passengers to South Australia on board Buffalo, 1836
Calais Lacemaker immigrants to South Australia, 1848
South Australia immigrant agricultural workers, 1913-14
South Australia cultivators, 1840
Victoria Births 1836-1913
Victoria Deaths 1836-1985
Victoria Marriages 1836-1942

British Newspaper Archive
Birmingham Gazette 1876
Chester Chronicle 1893
Dundee Courier 1952-1953
Gloucester Journal 1888-1889, 1905, 1907, 1918, 1920, 1950
Kent & Sussex Courier 1900, 1902, 1904-1905, 1913, 1915, 1918, 1923
Middlesex Chronicle 1870, 1896-1897
Newcastle Journal 1872, 1882, 1898, 1916
Northants Evening Telegraph 1902
Paisley Herald and Renfrewshire Advertiser 1870
Reading Mercury 1881
Southern Reporter 1925
Sunday Post, The 1915-1950
The Belfast Morning News 1857-1882
The Belfast Newsletter 1828-1900
The Cork Examiner 1841-1926
The Dublin Evening Mail 1849-1871
The Freeman’s Journal 1820-1900
The Sligo Champion 1836-1926

TNA RG37 ‘Removals of graves and tombstones’
Boosbeck Cemetery 1931 - 2010
Brotton Cemetery 1936 - 2010
Eston Cemetery 1963 - 2010
Guisborough Cemetery 1873 - 2010
Bradford-on-Avon Cemetery, Holt Road, Bradford-Upon-Avon.
Hilperton Cemetery, The Knap, Hilperton.
Holt Cemetery, Gaston, Holt.
Melksham Cemetery, Western Way, Melksham.
Trowbridge Cemetery, The Down, Trowbridge.
Warminster Cemetery (also known as Pine Lawns Cemetery), Folly Lane,
Westbury Cemetery, Bratton Road, Westbury

Ireland, Guinness Archive Index, 1824-2002
Ireland, Census, 1901
Ireland, Census, 1911
Canada, GenWeb Cemetery Index
Canada, Peterborough, Onatrio jail register 1860–1905
Canada, Saskatchewan, Birth Index, 1875-1908
Canada, Wesleyan Methodist Baptismal Register, 1828-1910
Canada 1921 Census fully indexed
New South Wales, Australia, Index to Deceased Estate Files, 1923-1958
New Zealand, Notices of Deceased Estates, 1880-1950
Manchester area parish registers
Norfolk Bishop's Transcripts, 1685-1941added indexed records to an existing
Canada, Ontario Marriages 1869-1927
Canada 1911 census indexed
Denmark, Church Records, 1484–1941
Germany, Prussia, Brandenburg, Eberswalde, City Directories, 1890-1919
Germany, Prussia, Brandenburg, Landkreis Ostprignitz-Ruppin, Miscellaneous
Records, 1559–1945
Italy, Campobasso, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1809–1918
Netherlands, Limburg Province, Church Records, 1542-1910
U.S., Iowa, State Census, 1905
Militia Lists 1781 and 1782

1920 Valuation Roll
New County Monaghan records

Irish Genealogical Research Society
New index to its journal
The Irish Genealogist

Allen’s Indian Mail 1871 and 1872

Epidemics Timeline

This is an interesting work that shows major epidemics throughout the British Isles. Even those without British connections may find help here as even Eastern Europeans passed through [mostly]England by rail on their way to British ports that transported them to the New World, Australia, or South America.

This site got me thinking, wondering what other epidemic timelines could be found online. So, I Googled it and found

Isn't the Internet incredible?? Possibly the best invention of ............... hmmmmmm .............. I don't know, but life would be terribly different without it!


The Canadian Great War Project

Here is an amazing new opportunity to search for your WW1 ancestors. It's set up differently from other sites I've used, and while it's a work in progress, I think it's worth a look ... now and as it progresses. You might even want to help?

Pat [basking in the sunshine and warm temps of this Nov. 13th, 2013]

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Advice on How to Research Family History

I'm guessing the first article is indicative of how tremendous this is going to be!! Elizabeth Shown Mills is doing an "Ask An Expert" series for the New York Times and the articles will be available free, online, beginning here

So part 1 deals with all kinds of questions, but the one that I really appreciated was her explanation regarding a question about DNA: "The differences between various DNA tests are easier to understand visually. We often see family trees depicted as a fan chart. On this kind of chart, if we put a point in the middle of the bottom centerline and write our name there, our Y-line is the flat base line to the left. Our mitochondrial line is the flat base line to the right. In between, we have many other ancestral branches that fan out and stretch farther than any piece of paper can show."

So simple!


Friday, November 8, 2013

European Maps Showing Origins of Common Words

This is very interesting, at least to me. "Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going."

Read more:


Thursday, November 7, 2013

For You CRAFTY Genealogists

Have a look at Pinterest - Family History Crafts & Gifts. I am super UN-crafty, but I know there are lots of very talented people reading this that may find some inspirations, maybe ever for Christmas! Happy crafting at


Ancestry Offers Free Canadian Military Records

In honour of Remembrance Day, if offering free access to their Canadian Military Records from today, Thursday 07th Nov. - 12th Nov. 2013.

From at
Our Canadian Military records include details such as rank, home address, salary and more, and can connect your family to the frontlines of Canada’s most historic wartime battles. With these records that date back to as early as 1710, you may follow an ancestor’s journey from enlistment, to their post overseas, to awards received and, in some cases, to their final resting place.

NOTE: *Free access to all Canadian military collections for free until November 12, 2013, 11:59 p.m. (ET). To view these records you will need to register for free with with your name and email address. Once you have registered we will then send you a user name and password to access the records. If you haven't already, you will be prompted to register once you start trying to search and view the records. After November 12, 2013 you will only be able to view these records using an paid membership.

Happy Searching!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Heartbreak & Hope: submit your Ellis Island Story

This could be quite wonderful, and what a great opportunity to share your family stories of ancestors arriving at Ellis Island!! Have a peek at

Derryloran Tyrone Ireland - FREE baptisms & confirmations

Oh you lucky lucky person(s) if you happen to have folks from this area!! Not me, sadly, but I had to pass this along. I've looked through the transcriptions, just in case , and marveled at the tenacity of one individual to have given so freely of his time in transcribing alllllll these marvelous records. Have a scroll at

Wishing you some good craic [fun]
Pat - who is feeling very tri-lingual at the moment!! Hahahaha

Meyers - Orts

This is a link for German researchers looking for a most wonderful gazetteer. Before you run out and purchase this truly wonderful series of books, check locally to see if it happens to be in your own area ... like at a library, or your genealogical society, or at Google books [hint hint]! The original article can be read at

Gern geschehen (It was my pleasure)

1921 Canadian Census - more ideas to overcome index errors

Sounds like I am in very good company regarding transcription errors in the 1921 Canadian census. A former student and friend, told me her father's name was Philip, but he's indexed as 'Shitat'!! That's amusing, once she found him. Thanks for sharing Lois!

Today I came across another researcher who has some wisdom to share. Read it at

One of the things I stress in my classes is this: If you have an apple, and I have an apple, together we have one apple.
But if you have an idea, and I have an idea, and we share them, together we have TWO ideas!!

I believe in sharing. How about you?


Saturday, November 2, 2013

1921 Census - FREE?

There seems to be much confusion regarding searching the indexed version on Ancestry. This is the most recent info. that I *believe* is correct! This was posted to my friends blog titled Shannon's Genealogy Friends.

"This piece of info from OGS (our Ontario Genealogical Society) newsletter. Hope this helps some of you.

Fully indexed 1921 Census available for free to all Canadians

On Tuesday Oct. 29th, 2013, officially launched the fully indexed version of the 1921 census. In accordance with their agreement with Library and Archives Canada, the indexed census is available for free to all searchers using a Canadian IP address (ie. sitting at a computer in Canada). will ask users to set up an account (email and a password of your choice) before granting access but payment will not be required

So give it a try folks!! Hope it works and you find what you're looking for.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Successes in the 1921 Census

So I figured I should let you all know it *is* possible to find your ancestors in this census. Several of my current students have been emailing me with their wonderful stories of how good the index worked. All I can say is 'lucky bums'! :-) It's not that I didn't WANT to use the index, it's just that the surnames I was searching for were so badly mangled in the index it was useless to me. Oh yes, and the handwriting! WOW!! Interestingly, it was the British Isles names that had been 'mangled' the most, at least in my searches. My GILMOUR family was indexed as GIBERSON, as an example. Sheesh!!

Anyway, I have now located all the family members I was looking for, but it was not once done using the index. The methods I was able to employ were still far better than how we 'old-timers' had to search before the days of the Internet and all the wonderful indexes and database searches we now accept, and .... expect!!

Before I get all "we had to walk, uphill, both ways" hahaha, I just wanted to say that there still is nothing wrong with using all those wonderful methods we've learned in the past to help us figure out the most appropriate locations to search. So things such as land records, voter's lists, directories, maps/atlases/gazetteers, previous or later censuses, and often just 'browsing' through the census - page by page - will lead to successes and sometimes the most amazing surprises. And you know what? Once I've found what or whom I was looking for, it's still those long, difficult searches that I feel the most triumphant about! Either I'm a glutton for punishment, or I'm just a serious researcher who enjoys a good challenge ... or maybe a bit of both. Still, once in a while I'll be grateful for a index match first time round. :-)

And how are you all doing?

Wishing you many successes!!


How to Enter a Correction on 1921 census

Thanks to John D. Reid of Canada's Anglo-Celtic Connections for the following tip:

"From the original census page image click on Index in the bottom left hand corner. It will open up a panel beneath the image. Click on the item you want to correct and fill in the form."

Man this could turn into a full time job for me!! :-))))