Friday, May 1, 2009

Adding web site links - Genuki

One of the great new things I hope to do with this blog is to post great web sites I discover. I had promised, at the SGS conference, that anyone sending me an email would be given a list of sites that would help them with their Scottish and Irish research. I'm thinking I can share these sites on this blog, and save them having to save or print the document I had planned to create. So, let's see how this might work:

For all the UK - Genuki which is a really great, but HUGE site. It is well worth your time exploring with multi-levels of assistance. Don't rush through and come back often.

The end of my web site

I've just received notification, via the GeoCities website, that my web site will soon be taken down! Shoooooot!! Oh well, now I guess I really do have to learn this blogging stuff, or figure out where and how to make a new web site - which is considerably more work and a ton more time to maintain - so .... guess I'll jump in and hope for the best!