Monday, April 27, 2009

"Follow this blog" instructions

On the main page, click on the little Follow icon! That's it. That's all. See ya soon!!


OK, good sleep in my own bed has helped, but my eyes are telling me I'm still tired - so I'm looking forward to a wee nap this afternoon. I can even feel improvement is this horrid cold that I've been suffering through!

This morning I'm going to continue working on learning how to use this blog. My thinking (and hoping) right now is to perhaps use this to replace my web site - if indeed blogging is going to be easier and faster than the considerable amount of time necessary to maintain my web site. Only time and work will tell.

One of the things I like about blogging is the ability of followers to get notification of any updates I make to the blog. Wouldn't that be cool? Such as when I add/delete/alter class information and all followers of this blog would immediately be notified something new had been added to the blog. So, how would you become a 'follower' of this blog?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

SGS Conference

Hello All!!

I have just created this blog, thanks to instructions from Geoffrey Rasmussen who was the final speaker at the SGS 2009 genealogy conference. I was so pumped to try this, and even though I am totally exhausted, I just couldn't help myself I had to do it - and he was right!! - it is so simple ... even in my exhaustion induced haze and snuffly nose condition, I did it!

Now to play around and really learn how to use this effectively!! Yippee!! BTW, it just seemed appropriate to use this photo. It was taken early Jan. 2007. After this God awful winter of 2009 - which, by the way refuses to leave us - I felt like I needed a reminder that warmth is coming!!