Wednesday, December 31, 2014

MY Genealogy Do-Over: thoughts!

OK so this is my fourth re-write for this post! sigh. I am trying to keep this very short and succinct which seems impossible. The whole thing deals with Thomas MacEntee's Genealogy Do-Over and the red do-over button that has literally taken over social media. If you're not seeing it ... well lucky you!!

I have nothing but admiration for Thomas, whom I only know through his many genealogy endeavors online. In fact when he first began talking about this Do-Over I had already begun my own a few months earlier. I know so much more now that when I began, and I realized that I needed to improve my source citations, and my organization which is why I began by purchasing Legacy 8 software. I know my research is really, really good so no problems there. Anyway, I decided to join in Thomas's Do-Over which actually begins Jan. 2nd. What's the problem? Wellllll

So many people have begun posting their ideas, their numerous self-created spreadsheets, their tracking methods, their file folders and sub folders and sub-set sub folders, their blogs, articles, software developments & comparisons, Evernote, OneNote, Evidentia, etc etc etc that I'm truthfully sick to death of it all and it doesn't even officially begin until Friday! OMG folks! If I had, or have, to learn all these complicated methodologies I would throw all my twenty years of work [including 57 binders of documents] straight into the nearest burning barrel ... and in small town Saskatchewan that's not a long walk. haha

So I am standing up today in saying that this hype has gotten waaaaay out of hand! I was thinking this is not what Thomas envisioned either, except he is the one promoting many of the bloggers ideas. Well no matter. We are all capable of making our own decisions. Remember when your Mom said "If Tommy jumped off the bridge would you do it too?" haha

KISS = keep it simple stupid [or sweetheart]. That's how I plan on doing this. I want my do-over simple, straightforward, careful, and correct. I want anyone to be able to pick up my work, read it, understand it, and be able to continue it and improve it if possible. I want my family to enjoy their family! If my work becomes super complicated to understand, even if I'm long dead, that trip to the burning barrel will still take place!!

So for me I'll stay within the Genealogy Do-Over group - at least for a short bit. I will attempt to pick up good ideas that will fit within my needs. BUT if the over hype continues I'll be dropping out as I could be actually working towards my goal and not spending all my time reading long convoluted ways that will do nothing for me except slow me down.

So that's my rant for the day! And it's taken way too much time to write, but I'm concerned that many of you are feeling overwhelmed by this whole thing. Obviously we all need to follow the good solid foundations of genealogy research and recording. After that, just get at it! Go slow, read carefully, one word at a time, and just do it.

And if I could sum my Do-Over in one word it would be REVIEW!! Read it all again, carefully. I'll be back at it once we get where we're going for the winter. In the meantime I'll be doing a lot of skipping this over hype stuff. Jeez .............


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Scotland Valuation Rolls - Browse for FREE until Jan. 6th

OK so this is big, even though you'll still have to pay if you want to see the full details, there is a LOT of information available using just the browse (free) function. You can search 1875 - 1905 (every 10 years), plus 1915, 1920 and 1925. If you have any idea where your family lived it is helpful, naturally. Even if you're just beginning, or trolling to see where the surnames existed at specific timeframes, this is very helpful.

One of my most amazing finds is how much property some of my 'poor' folks owned. The browse function will show you if they were the owner, or occupier (renter or tenant) as well as how much tax they paid, or how much rent they collected, and their occupation.

It's a very interesting way to kill off a few hours!!! Hahaha and who knows how much you might find. I have also purchased numerous entries for ancestors and learned lots of tidbits - even who one of the elusive females married including his name, occupation and address. NOW I can spend some money and search for that marriage. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... and no need to figure out dinner as there is still plenty of turkey in the fridge.

Pat I almost forgot to tell you where! Look for the Valuation Rolls on the left side.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

So the day before Christmas has arrived. Every single year it seems to sneak up on me. I don't mean that I'm unaware of the calendar. I just finding myself, on Sept 25th, Oct 25th, and Nov 25th, saying things like: Wow, 3 months today [2 months today] [1 month today] is Christmas! And the next time I blink ... it's here. I don't suppose I'm alone in this. Hahaha

So my readers and friends it is my pleasure to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and of course all the best in 2015. Here's hoping we all uncover some wonderful genealogy finds ... or at least one little tidbit that's been hiding.

Cheers to you all, and stay in touch!
Pat xo

FREE Ancestry UK


Access more than a billion UK records and find your family’s story.
Explore all UK records FREE* and discover the lives of your ancestors.
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*Access to the records in the featured collections will be free from 12:01 am GMT on 24 December 2014 until 23:59 pm GMT on 26 December 2014. After the free access period ends, you will only be able to view the records in the featured collections using an paid membership.

To see a full list of the records in the featured collections (and it is a hell of a lot!) visit

Happy Searching,

Monday, December 22, 2014

Are You Missing Me?

Well that would be nice [haha], and in fact to those of you who have emailed me and I've not gotten back to, my apologies and I do really LOVE hearing from you! BUT 'tiss the season! Piano recitals, gymnastic performances, Christmas Concerts, family cookie decorating parties, friends invitations, and a bit of sleep now and then ... it's been busy. Plus I've had my lovely little granddaughter for several days, and I love her to death BUT she is a lot of busyness. She's seven. And my kids just let me know that they think it would be a great idea to come to Mom's for Christmas! WOW!! That's just super and I'm thrilled. Now with only a couple days to prepare ... let the preparations begin?! Sheeeeeeshhhhh.

So while I have been able to keep myself up to date with all the new stuff coming down the pipeline, there has been zero time to post any of it. I guess it's a case for you guys of 'you get what you pay for'? Haha .. Just kidding.

I may get a chance to plunk in the odd item here and there, but then I'm sure you are all busy too. I do remember having one Christmas when I was all alone and very lonely, totally broke, and with nothing free to do [this was long before the Internet which I couldn't have afforded anyway] and too depressed to do it anyway, sooooo for anyone who can invite some lonely person in, or out, for a coffee, a little visit, or a meal ... please know how much that might mean. For those of you lucky enough to at least have the Internet you are never totally alone. Dig around in my site and try out some of those old posts you may not have had time to search thoroughly. Think of a word, or term, and type it into the Search box on my homepage ... or just scroll through the posts on the bottom right side by month.

And I'll hopefully talk to you soon. Thanks to all who have let me know you missed me!!


Friday, December 12, 2014

And What Have YOU Been Missing?

Experienced researchers know to look forward and backward when viewing images online or on microfilm. But if you've already found the one entry you wanted, why would you waste time doing that? Trust me, there's a REAL good chance you're missing the most amazing details. Have a look

The Devil's in the details!


Thursday, December 11, 2014

USA 75 Best Websites

I've had time to have a pretty good look at a lot of the links included. I have ancestral ties to half a dozen States. I think there is a lot of very helpful links here. Here's hoping you find some help!!

Happy Searching!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

'Searching' This Blog

Seems my 'Search' function was .... well, not searching! I accidentally discovered this just now. I believe I've fixed it. Any problems with this site please just let me know.

NO, that does NOT mean I have answers to all your questions. Nor can I fix all your problems. Hahahaha

Today is the 10th day of December 2014, and I woke to find it is +2C outside! What????

Happy Searching!

Scandinavian Researchers

I have never taken any of these courses, but even without signing up [and I'm not suggesting you do, or you don't] there is some good information here along with helpful links. Good luck


Monday, December 8, 2014

What is YOUR Favorite Christmas Show(s)

OK so I'm currently watching "It's A Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart ... definitely one of my Christmas favorites. I also love "Scrooged" [Bill Murray], "National Lampoon's Christmas", and the "Grinch Who Stole Christmas". Oh yeah, and there's the old ones my Mom loved, and that became favorites of mine too ... such as 'anything' by Bing Crosby like "White Christmas" etc.

I'd love to hear your choices!! Click on the 'comments' or 'no comments' below this post ... please?!! Let's have some fun?!


Find A Grave INDEX - an early Christmas present from Me to You

WOW!!!! As I work on this upcoming online course to help you to learn how to use to its fullest ... I keep coming across new and wonderful goodies. BUT today I found such a great one that I cannot, in good conscious, keep just for the course!

For anyone who has never used Find A Grave (silly you), I've just found that has indexed the entire site . One of the beauties of the familysearch website is the optional spelling [meaning it will pick up all those wild and crazy spelling variations that cause us so many brick walls]. This feature has also been incorporated into this new index. I've already solved numerous problems that have plagued me for ages.

Be sure to look for the direct link to Find A Grave from your matches. There could be much more information available, including photos, biographies, stories, and even entire families along with female married surnames [found one of those just now!]

Could I just remind you to send a little "Thank You" to the volunteer who did the work please? It's easy. And it takes all of us helping out in various ways, so perhaps you'd like to help once the snow is gone ... in your own little area of the World? Something to consider. It also feels good.

The source citation is at the bottom of each match. Be sure to include it so you never forget where you found it!!!!!!

An Index has also been created for BillionGraves

So this is an early Christmas present to all my friends out there who follow my blog. Maybe I'll meet you in class one day!! :-) in the meantime, Feel free to send presents!! Hahaha

Happy Searching,

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Lost Cousins FREE

For those of you who have not discovered my previous posts, or are new here, the December issue of Lost Cousins newsletter is out now. Have a look through his website, and sign up for his free newsletter. PS. it's mainly aimed at British ancestors, but often includes reduced offers, and sometimes 'stuff' about USA, Canada, and Australia.


Friday, December 5, 2014

Family History Centres - What's in each one?

So what is a Family History Centre? It's an arm of the largest genealogical library in the WORLD ... the one in Salt Lake City. And there are 4,700 FHCs in 134 countries! One of the best happens to be in Regina SK!!

I just found the answer to 'what's in each one?' - no matter where you are in the World - for the one closest to you: see the address, contact info, hours, AND what's in their inventory. Wow! Here ya go

For a couple decades I've taught a course on using the Mormon records, all part of Our last class - for those in Saskatchewan - always took place AT the Regina FHC. That is still part of my plan for 2015. The website is so totally different than a couple years ago, it requires a brand new course. And as much as I love the changes I'll be glad when they stop the major ones ... so I too can stop constantly making changes! :-)

Cheers and Happy Searching!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Money Exchange Rates Just Bit Me in the Butt!

So guys I purchased the newest Legacy 8 Deluxe as it was time to really do it right, with the most advanced software. AND when it was half price it was the right time. So at slightly less than 19 bucks I hit the purchase button. Guess what? That 19 bucks turned into $41.40 Canadian. Blood Hell! Our loonie SUCKS! And *that* was 50% off? I went for the disc, as well as the download + book because I've purchased just the download in the past. Worked great. Until I purchased a new computer and could not load the software as I didn't have the disc.

Anyway, something to really keep in mind as we shop over the border, or online. It's still not horrible as I'm excited to get at it, BUT ............ I'm pissed at our exchange rate! Of course I could have taken time and checked the exchange before I purchased. Sigh. Sometimes a deal is not really a deal. WHEN will I learn? OK maybe I'll love this new version and over the long run it won't matter. It will still be a deal? Haha ... well we'll see.


FindAGrave vs BillionGraves

Wow! So check out this website to see what's happening between these two companies as it could be amazing differences for all of us

Things are getting so interesting.

Google Search TIPS

I've written about these tips numerous times, but for anyone new here, and just for a reminder check them out here

Such simple tips really *can* solve problems for you. Oh yeah, and they're totally FREE ... as is Google!


Monday, December 1, 2014

$1000.00 Genealogy Prizes - Cyber Monday only

Here is a fantastic opportunity to enter for FREE genealogy prizes, but it's today only [cyber Monday]. This comes from Santa Thomas MacEntee. Over $1000.00 in prizes including My Heritage, Ancestry etc.

Thomas is also giving away the handout AND recording from his last Genealogy Bootcamp. He and Lisa Alzo produce these Bootcamps, periodically and they are two of the best in the world of genealogy. You can also follow both, or either, of them. Read on.

Good Luck! If you win, let me know please, so we can celebrate together!!