Thursday, February 28, 2013

British Slave-ownership

Here is a very unique website, totally free, that may open a few eyes!! Did you ever think about slavery being part of the good ole British way of life? I spend winters in the Dominican Republic, and admit I have never given a great deal of thought as to how these beautiful Caribbean Islands were all not-so-beautiful to some of our ancestors! Read, learn, and search!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nickname History

Here is a pretty cool website that lists lots of nicknames. Hope it helps you! If you don't know who you're looking for, how do you find them? I had one great grandma who went from being Ann on her wedding registration, to Nancy on the births of her children, to Agnes in all available censuses ... AND my father [her grandson] listed her name as Mary!! Took me three years to figure it out. Best of luck guys!!

Copy and paste the following

BTW, if anything I post helps you, *please* let me know? Many times I feel like I'm talking to no one other that cyberspace ... and a big Thanks to those of you who *always* send me an email!!

Pat xo Hotter than Haydes here in Bavaro Dominican Republic. Am I losing weight? Oh I wish!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Quack Doctor

What a funny website billed as "Historical remedies for all your ills". Today's post is about the "barbarous insanity of kissing" in 1900. Archived articles linked down the right side. Enjoy.


Friday, February 15, 2013

A Very Personal SAD Note

One of our dearest friends passed away Sunday, Feb. 10th, 2013. We were fortunate enough to have been part of a group of 8 for 30 some years .......... monthly dinners, trips, fishing, golfing, cards,music concerts, and just being best friends, and now it ends and we are 5000 miles away and not able to be part of the 'end'. It's really tough. But the phrase that keeps resonating with me is this "Life is what happens to you as you are busy making plans".

And another dear friend also passed due to an travel accident on Tuesday. It's been a very tough week here in 'Paradise'.

RIP Ricky DOROSH and Danny MARCE, both of Regina Saskatchewan.

Best to all,
Pat xo

Ancestry offers free Canadian Marriages

To commemorate Valentine's Day (yeah, I *know* it was yesterday!), is offering free (until Feb. 18) access to its collection of historical Canadian Marriage records. Records in this collection date as far back as 1621 and contain key information about the newlyweds and their parents; information that can help expand an existing family tree and allow you to better understand the love birds in your family’s history”.

Go to

Happy Searching All,