Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Why Can't I Be Two Places at Once? Kelowna & Maritimes

I had the most wonderful invitation!!! Come to Kelowna, Sept 23 - 25th, 2016 and do four or more presentations at their "Harvest Your Family Tree" conference which has grown into one of the largest conferences in western Canada. YIPPEEEEEE!!!! So excited!!!!!

But guess what? Look at calendar. I am already booked for that weekend! Nooooooooooo. Sigh. Not that I don't want to go where I'm booked ... it's a life long dream ... but I want to go to Kelowna too!!! Double sigh.

Sooooooo April 10th, 2016 Kelowna will also be hosting an all-day workshop with Scottish specialist, Christine Woodcock. My Dad was born in Scotland. I'm very interested in Scottish research. Maybe I could go to that seeing as I'll already be in Victoria BC. Quick. Look up travel tickets. Figures. I come home April 6th. Triple sigh.

So no matter which coast I'm on, east or west, it will always be the opposite one for the fun festivities at Kelowna. Quadruple sigh. BUT, perhaps some of you can take advantage? I'll talk more about both these events as they get a little closer. GREAT guest speakers coming!!!!!


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  1. Kelowna puts on an awesome conference every two years. I am hoping to go there in 2016...depending on who the speakers are ;-)