Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Illinois State Genealogical Society 2016: Webinars FREE

So for all those folks who read the header, and chose not to read further ... hahaha ... too bad for them! Am I being nasty today? I don't think so. We too often tune out information from areas we're not researching in only to find out that there was important stuff we missed. Such is the case today I believe.

This society is very active, and has some amazing information in their newsletter which they have made available to members AND non-members! Wow!! Who does that? For instance there is detailed information on how to use Facebook for genealogy. This article is written by Thomas MacEntee ... a VERY qualified genealogist who happens to be a member of ISGS. The things you find when you're not lookin' and only readin'!! haha READ. READ. READ.

And then of course they are offering one webinar each month throughout 2016, free to everyone!! They have some great topics and super great presenters. Have a peek http://www.ilgensoc.org/


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