Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Procrastination Thinking?

I know we are all supposed to "keep our eye on the prize". And stop following "something shiny". Pick one question, and desired result, and work only on that. Choose one family member and concentrate on only that person.

And for the most part these sayings all contribute to sage advice ... probably having come from those who have learned the hard way how confused, and lost, we get when we continue to wander around aimlessly ... especially online. BUT

following is a well written short article showing 'the benefits to research of procrastination'. Ignore the specifics of a certain country in the article. Just open your mind to what you can teach yourself by doing some 'procrastination thinking'. I think I just invented a new term AND I love that term!!! LOL I'm always doing this kind of thinking ... I just never had a well-defined term for it. And it sounds so much more professional than chasing 'something shiny'!! haha For instance when I first began using the Scottish CDs 1881 census eons ago, I ran searches to see how many 'GILMOUR' entries (all spellings) existed in my county of interest, and I was shocked to find over 1,500 of them! I was pretty new at research at that time, but I remember my ego being bruised as I truly believed my family of that surname were unique! hahaha

Article is at http://www.eneclann.ie/2015/11/research-tip-of-the-week-24/


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