Thursday, November 19, 2015

Survey from LAC

This is an important way we can finally have a say in what goes on at Library and Archives Canada.

I usually say "No" to telephone or online surveys, but this one is different as it will affect us all as genealogists. The records held by LAC are the records of Canadians, past and present. They are our family records. Take 10 mins and show them how many genealogists there are ... what is important to us ... and that we Canadians don't all live within Ottawa!



  1. Thanks for pointing out this survey - I've just answered all their questions. But what the LAC needs to know is that not only do all Canadians not live in Ottawa, but many of us don't even live in Canada! I was disgusted that the question asking where I live had no options outside Canada - how stupid is that?! I live in Australia and am researching my Canadian ancestors - online. You'd think the LAC would want to know how wide their reach is overseas. I sent a message to them via the survey contact address to let them know how I feel about that. I hope other people do the same.

  2. Good for you Linda!! Those comments are very valuable - hopefully someone is listening! They asked so we NEED to respond. I think it's like voting - if you don't vote, don't complain.

    Nice to hear from someone in Australia!