Friday, November 13, 2015

More Online Classes - FREE

Just discovered this wonderful resource from the New England Historical Genealogical Society [NEHGS]. Lots of information for those searching New E, BUT there are also two free webinars for those with Canadian interests! The link will take you to the two most recent offerings, but you will notice that the "French Canadian Resources" happened 12 Nov. which was yesterday for those reading this live. No fears though as this has been archived and is still available along with numerous other webinars on various topics. I stopped watching the archived "New York Resources at NEHGS" just long enough to write this post! It's good! And I'm not a member, yet.

The upcoming webinar featuring Canadian resources is titled "Atlantic-Canadian Resources at NEHGS" and is scheduled for 10 Dec. 2015.

What an amazing world we live in! Now if we could just figure out how to participate in everything we'd like to. What a glorious first world problem to have!! Here's the link

I found it frustrating that I could not enlarge the screen so I could actually read what the presenter was showing. So ... I clicked on the YouTube option (bottom of the screen you're watching], and then chose the enlarge feature when on YouTube. Now it works like I want it to and I can read every single screen he's showing. Ahhhhhh love it! Hope this helps.


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