Friday, November 13, 2015

Where Are the Canadian Genealogists Hiding?

Over at the Olive Tree Genealogy Blog they've been having some interesting discussions regarding why American genealogists are so numerous (and well known!), whilst we Canadian genealogists are so ... hmmmm ... Canadian? Meaning we don't 'toot our own horns' and so we often remain relatively unknown other than perhaps locally. So a request was posted - send in the name(s) of whomever YOU would like to see recognized. AND my name and blog was submitted [not by me!!] haha Thank you so very much!!! It is truly and very much appreciated.

I was also on the list of 'RockStar Genealogists', but didn't make the list this year. That also takes being nominated. Recently I was taken to task by a student for not letting my readers/students/conference attendees etc. know about these contests. Point taken. So now I've done this much ............. and it was kind of hard to do.

Thanks too to the folks at the Olive Tree for her wonderful website AND for starting this conversation on her blog!!


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