Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Special 'Shout-outs' To My Students

I have decided to continue posting lots and lots of genealogy information here, and leaving it open to anyone who cares to read it, for FREE. However, I have also decided to share some 'special' information with only those who have taken classes with me beginning way back in the late 1990s. It is my way of saying "Thanks"!!

I have kept really good records, but if you have been missed please contact me so I can add you to that special group. It may only be that you need to update your email address with me. Amazingly there were only five email addresses that bounced with my first shout out that went out to ... wait for it ... 500 people! I am truly blessed with faithful students, some of whom have taken the same class with me three different times saying they learn valuable new skills, and new web links each time.

And a most welcome thing is happening since my first 'shout-out'. I am hearing back from people I may not have seen for quite some time AND they're sharing their stories with me. I love love love it! Thanks folks. Till next time ...


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