Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanks Regina Branch SGS

So what a lucky girl I am. OK I've worked for twenty years, literally non-stop, to get here, but this was payback.

Tonight I was honoured to speak to the Regina branch of the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society at their AGM ............ and I had sooooooooooo much fun!! I got to renew numerous old acquaintances, and make some new, wonderful, and very talented genealogy friends. And I believe we all learned some new 'stuff', as we laughed, and thought our way through some family history challenges. Only once did I have to get out my 'spanking stick' to quiet things down!! What a hoot!! Hahaha

I have always felt this is the most important part of getting together with like minded people. No one can know everything, about anything, all the time. Take a minute and think your way through *that*.

And in my humble opinion it should always be about sharing. I love what I do. I share what I am able. And I keep my mind open to always take the often overlooked opportunity to learn from others as well. What more could we ask for? Thanks everyone!

Happy Searching All,

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