Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Scanners vs Digital Cameras for Genealogy

OK, first of all I'm no expert so all I can give you is my own experiences. I have been using a digital camera since they first hit the market. I've had three different cameras. I've have three different scanners. I doubt I'll ever go back to scanners; however, I have never used any of the brand new ultra scanners such as FlipPal. If you're interested, just Google 'flip pal'. They're easily available and coming down in price.

There are lots of articles regarding digital cameras too - again just Google it. Right now I'm using a Nikon CoolPix P510. It takes awesome pictures, with a 42x wide optical zoom I've been able to get some super 'close-ups' of, for instance, a flock of sheep that were waaaaaay up a mountain in Austria - you can actually see their eyes staring right back at me from that distance. Kind of weird, but cool at the same time. Haha But what do I use it for in genealogy?

Well, in a word 'everything'! I use the macro close-up for taking shots of pictures, and all documents. Trust me it works! Even a whole page fits nicely and is totally readable. Plus I can zoom in if there is anything difficult to read. I've had success at figuring out writing that I could not read on the hard copy. I also have been using my camera(s) to take pictures of microfilm screens. That takes a bit of practice, but I love it because there's no paper to deal with. I download the photos to my hard drive, and can then 'play' with them using any kind of photo editing program ... even just the program that came with your computer.

The other thing I love about using my camera is the ability to share with anyone via email, or any other method of technology. But what prompted this post is something I was reading this morning from Ol' Myrt's blog. Here is the post . Be sure to have a look around while there.

Happy Scanning or Photographing!

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