Tuesday, November 11, 2014

SK Historic Newspapers Online

This is an amazing project! So for anyone who thought they had some spare time, or worse for those who have busy schedules, here's a great way to spend many, many hours. :-)

The project is far from complete, but what an opportunity for us to read these old newspapers from the comfort of our home computer. Some days it hits me how far we've come in a short time. This is one of those days. Obviously not everything is, or ever will be, online. BUT can you reflect on what we DO have?! It's mind blowing.

Newspaper are a wonderful source of not just BMDs, but to give us the full picture of what life was like in an area at a particular time. It's family history and not just genealogy and that's what makes our ancestors REAL. HINT: I have found it easiest to use the Browse the Collection option. http://sabnewspapers.usask.ca/

Happy Searching!

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