Monday, November 3, 2014

FindMyPast - HURRY

Until Wednesday Nov. 5th you can get 1 month access to FindMyPast for only 1 British pound!! WOW!!! I just bought mine so I know it works, but you need to be quick and go through this site

I LOVE a bargain!! Hope you get in. These offers sometimes appear, but boy do you have to be fast as they've only given us a day.

***** it's important to always read the fine print! If you do you will learn that this subscription will 'auto renew' each month ... SO, if you only want the 1 pound for 1 month you need to go into your account on FindMyPast and remove the check from the autorenew option. It's very simple to do, but if you don't you can expect to be charged the full price for each month. Have you ever heard me say "Read, Read, Read?" hahaha


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