Sunday, November 16, 2014

Prairie Locator - FREE

Now here's a handy little site Thanks Shannon Cherknowski for alerting me to it.

Convert any Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba Legal Land Description to GPS Co-ordinates for FREE. WHAT a help this will be to nail down the actual physical location! WooHoo!!

I'm planning to offer a course in Fall 2015 that will help you study, search, locate AND learn to read your homesteaders land files and also locate the associated maps & books. The course will take place AT the Saskatchewan Archives in Regina. A few genealogists use the Archives for homestead files, but you won't believe what else they have!! Anyway, keep this in mind as that particular course is VERY limited in the numbers of people I can accept. It's all hands-on and you spend all your time searching for your own ancestors ... with my help. If there is interest from enough out-of-town folks let me know. I am thinking of a 'special' offering for you!

Cheers ... on this very blustery day,
Pat [Go Riders!?]

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