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Poland Krakow 1880 Census online

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Krakow Census 1880 online (instructions)

Postby logan » Tue Nov 04, 2014 4:26 pm
About two-thirds of the Krakow Census of 1880 is now viewable online for free, with (handwritten) name indices, thanks to Poland's National Archives in Krakow and National Digital Archives. I do not know whether the rest will be similarly available.

I do not have time now to provide detailed instructions, but perhaps someone else can (feel free to reply to this post to share any tips publicly). The general procedure is to first check the two name indices, which are roughly alphabetized by surname of the head of household:

When you find an index entry for a person of interest, record the two numbers next to it in the "Lizcba domu" and "Dziel. miasta" columns (e.g., 50 and VIII).

Then, visit, which has links to groups of census images, and find the link that includes "Dz." followed by your "Dziel. miasta" number (Roman numerals) and has a "nr" range including your "Lizcba domu" number (Arabic numerals). For example, if your numbers are 50 and VIII, the link you want is "Spis ludnosci 1880, Dz. VIII, nr 25-67, T. 19."

After following that link, search for a census image that looks like a spreadsheet and has your "Liczba domu" number (e.g, 50) in the top right. There might be several with the same "Liczba domu" number, and one or more should have information about the person/family of interest.

Along the way, you will need to enlarge thumbnail images (by clicking on them), and possibly enlarge even further (by clicking on the icon that looks like a white rectangle on a black circle near the bottom right of the first enlargement). Fully enlarged images can be saved to your computer ("Download" link below the image).

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