Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Irish Census ca1659

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Spent a little time searching through this census last night. Like so many people I don't know for sure if my Irish ancestors have always been in Ireland, or if they originated in Scotland, England or elsewhere. Sooooooo, this is nothing conclusive BUT I did discover 11 GILMORE entries listed as 'Irish' in this census AND in the same area of County Down, NI that my Grandfather was born in 1872. Oh man, now all I want to do is really get thinking about how to get back there. With all the traveling I've been lucky enough to do, Ireland is by far my favorite! Just too bad its winters aren't warm. :-(

Anyway, now that I've rattled on, for anyone who is still reading here is the link

Now I'm delving back into it to see who else I can find.

Happy Searching!

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