Friday, December 2, 2016

FREE Books!

Thanks to those who wrote and suggested some books I'd like. I appreciate it.

This morning I discovered another great website associated with the Internet Archives. My old website still exists on the WayBack Machine and it's fun to look at [for me]. But they also host this free book site called and the owners are seriously considering hosting it in Canada as they are nervous about the USA President Elect and his weird ideas of 'free speech' amongst a ton of other concerns they have about him. Anyway ...

You need to create an account [which is FREE]. Then they sent me the following "Once that's done, you're all set. Free to roam the Open Library, discovering treasures, making connections, correcting errors, or sprinkling tidbits you know about books across the catalog. Naturally, you're also welcome to simply explore. Apart from over 20 million bibliographic records, we also have over 1 million free, readable books available for you to read, right now.


The Open Library Team

P.S. If you need help using the site, you can find it here: P.P.S. Have you seen our blog?"

Pat [FREE is good, right? 1 million free, readable books, available right now? I'm in!! Hahaha] Merry Christmas!

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