Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Last Minute Genealogy Bargains

Whatever you missed seems you might have one last chance after all, today, Tuesday 29 November 2016. DNA, Webinars etc. http://www.geneabloggers.com/genealogy-bargains-tuesday-29-november-2016/

Whenever a sale gets extended due to 'overwhelming demand' I'm always suspicious it's more about not having sold enough. It's my retail background I guess. Either that or I'm turning into a curmudgeon. Lol

The only thing that is truly tempting to me is the 30% off Legacy webinars. And then I remember, that I can't remember, the last time I actually watched one!! Oh shoot, but I know they're are some really GREAT webinars there. So with our ailing loonie, even 30% off is pretty much 50 Canadian. Even so that's less than 5 bucks a month. $%^# dilema!! Hope you're all doing better at this than I am. HaHaHa


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