Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ontario, Middlesex FREE Cemeteries Download

This seems to be my day for finding cemetery FREE databases! This one is for the county of Middlesex, just around London Ontario. There are lots of other databases here too, so you might decide to join their genealogy society - of course that is the hope. A good genealogy society can be worth it's weight in gold. But I really appreciate this group setting up this free service, and so I might just join in too!!

And I have certainly been 'one of those' people to tramp cemeteries, transcribing them, to preserve all the information that will certainly be lost with time. So I know, understand, and truly appreciate the work of many who have made this database possible. A donation is definitely in order.

If you happen to be searching in this area, drop me a line please? Perhaps we have a connection, or can help each other in some way.


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