Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Leeds Yorkshire Burial Database 1835-1992

So when this popped up this morning I was still in bed, listening to CBC radio reporting on the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Commission and some of the sad stories told by their families last week in Manitoba. It is a heart breaking story that I'm sure every parent/child/grandparent/aunt/uncle hopes they never have to face. What does this have to do with the burial records for the city of Leeds Yorkshire you ask? Welllll ....

I was reading emails on my phone at the same time as I was wiping tears, and so when this notice popped up I paid attention as my husbands mother's family came from Leeds Yorkshire England. I Love databases!!!! So for the next 30 minutes I input names of her families and found about 12 relatives. Names, dates of death, age at death, cause of death!, parents names!, occupation of parents!, address where they lived, and location of burial. There is an index and then there is also the option of opening up the image attached to the indexed information - and it's all FREEEEEEE!!!!! Make sure to ALWAYS get back to the original record and don't just stop at the index, not just here, but in every record type you search.

I am always a bit jealous when I work on Al's English families. There is not one farmer, or labourer. Nope. They were: a flock merchant (yup, had to look that one up), artist, portrait painter, butcher and this morning I discovered a new one who was a sculptor! Let me tell you how much easier that makes knowing you've got the 'right guy' ... 'cause they all have the same old names - Charles, Richard, Joseph, Harold, Ann, Mary, Martha etc. So for anyone with ancestral lines back to Leeds here ya go

Now back I go to my own families of: farmers and labourers and a few grocers. Lol


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