Friday, December 9, 2016

Scotland Records

This web site may be new to some of you. It is ScotlandsPlaces, not ScotlandsPeople and it's also very valuable for researchers.

"What is ScotlandsPlaces? ScotlandsPlaces is a website that gives you access to records from Historic Environment Scotland, the National Records of Scotland and the National Library of Scotland. All of the records are linked by a common theme – they tell us something about Scotland’s places. Of course, in telling us about Scotland’s places we also learn about Scotland’s people, making it a great resource for family history, local history as well as many other kinds of research."

I've just had a peek again at this site and am reminded of all the taxes our Scottish ancestors were required to pay! Taxes on hearths, windows, dogs, ponies, carts, servants, clock & watch, land, carriage, horse, shop etc. etc. With the horror of each tax [for them], comes the glory of created records [for us]!

So, there goes the rest of my afternoon I'm afraid! Darn 'shiny things'. Lol Enjoy and happy searching!


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