Friday, December 9, 2016

Scotland - Robert the Bruce

Good heavens - I wonder how accurate all these new tools are? I am amazed at this science, and don't suppose we'll ever know for sure, but kind of fun in the meantime. Anyway this is an interesting article about recreating the face of Robert the Bruce who lived in the 1300s, no obviously no photo to use.

In 2007 we spent one full day at Sterling Castle. It is a captivating, huge place for sure with so much to walk through and learn. The most amazing part, for me, was the view that castle had! For dozens of miles you can see in every direction, so no chance of any sneak attacks. And outside the castle there is a statue of Robert the Bruce seated on his horse - his very small horse at that!

If you're Scottish and you don't know the Battle of Bannockburn, Sterling Castle, or Robert the Bruce ... weel you're no a true Scots! But the Internet awaits - Google and learn. And I had never heard the story of leprosy associated with Robert the Bruce before, so there is always something new to learn. Aye laddies and lassies! haha

Pat [anyone else notice it's -30 something this morning and getting colder?] Why the bleep bleep did my Scottish/Irish grandparents settle here? I prefer the Caribbean! Lol Stay warm and keep your pets inside.

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