Friday, November 18, 2016

Germany - 2017 a Good Time for a Trip

Anyone with German heritage? Besides me that is! Haha

2017 will be a great time to make that trip to your homeland as it will be 500 years since the Reformation. Here's a short little video of Martin Luther's life, along with some touring suggestions.

Looks like numerous tour companies have options as well - just Google it. And will give you links, e-brochures, and e-newsletters.

I spent over a month in Germany in 2006. It's a beautiful country, and while many in rural areas will shake their heads when asked if they speak English, we found that just staying friendly (using charades when necessary) actually worked and they usually opened up and tried their English. It was wonderful!! We found people from the old 'East Germany' to be more reserved than 'West', but we also found the easterners to be so very warm, and giving, and incredibly interested in Canadians. And once you begin to communicate you may find, as we did, that many had relatives now living in Canada!! Learn a bit of German, some handy words, to show you're 'trying', but don't expect a lot of smiles or laughter. Remember the Berlin Wall only came down in November of 1989 - so about 26 years ago - not so long considering it was built in 1961. That Wall has left it's scars on the soul of a people.

If you get to Dresden, on the Martin Luther tour, you will find the most amazing city - still rebuilding after being bombed almost out of existence by the Allies during WWII - with most of the old city still being cleaned of centuries of black soot. The King's Palace is ginormous, and still used, plus the public can enter and walk around. We spent one full day within this palace. You really have to see it to believe it. Anyway, pardon me as I accidentally took a short walk down memory lane!! Haha

Oh yes, one last thing - if you get there a total MUST is a side trip to Prague which I think is the most beautiful city in the World, but I've not seen them all! Just go. Czech Republic has THE best beer, as does Germany. BIG bottles served room temperature and it's amazing how fast you get used to it. If anyone goes, please let me know!!!

Cheers [auf wiedersehen],

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