Thursday, November 3, 2016

Organizing Your Paper Files - FREE Session - Requires Registration

So I'm doing a session at the Regina Public Library on "Organizing Your Paper Files" Nov. 13th at 2pm, but don't bother trying to register as it's already FULL and has a waiting list! Now I hear you exhaling heavily, and muttering swears at me?!! LOL

Good news - Warren James, our new Prairie History Librarian, worked with me all day today, and we have managed to organize a second session - again at RPL the next Sunday, November 20th at 2 pm. If you're interested give register online at BUT you'll have to copy and paste this into a new browser for this email address to work, or phone 306-777-6120 [but there will be no one at this number until Monday Nov.7th] so you're best to register online. The seating is VERY limited as the session is totally hands-on so everyone needs lots of space to work.

What is this session all about? Here's a bit more info:

NOTE: this is a workshop with hands-on participation and a comprehensive hand-out only for those attending.

"We LOVE the thrill of the chase! The paper work drives us nuts! Our filing becomes chaotic and ends up incomprehensible – even to ourselves! After 20+ years living with my own disorganization I have discovered a method that works.

At least I can now quickly locate what I’m looking for AND others, in the future, will be able to understand what I’ve done ... a ‘win win’ situation!!

Successful filing means being able to find something you know you already have! You know all those floating bits of paper that surround you? It has taken you years to collect all this precious ‘stuff’. Don’t think you can organize it all in one day, BUT this system gets you started.

Source Citations are critical, but are not part of this presentation. This one deals strictly with getting control of the copious amount of paper we collect, and getting it organized so you can find, within a minute or two, exactly what you are looking for!"

So that's what I'll be teaching! It's really uncomplicated, has 5 pages of notes (yup, you know how I always write great notes for you!) and best of all it works!


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