Friday, November 18, 2016

Irish Civil Records ONLINE & FREE

Boy oh boy what a GREAT afternoon I'm having!!! I finally have some time to post to this blog, AND while doing this I found something I've been meaning to post for a couple months - records on AND I couldn't just post it without trying it out! It's Irish after all, and Irish records have been a long time coming.

OMG!!!!!!!!!! I have found, so far, FIVE birth documents that give all kinds of interesting evidence for lots of my County Down ancestors. sigh. NOW I remember why I love research so much!!! hahaha

Oh yes and of course I have to share one little teaching reminder. Follow allllll those collaterals. By finding a birth registration for the eldest child of a brother of my great grandfather (got that?), it shows the maternal grandmother of this baby was present at the baby's birth. Why do I care? Well two brothers married two sisters - so the mother of the sisters is the same person AND my great great grandmother!!!! I have long suspected who she was, but here's my solid evidence!!! Genealogy dances all around folks!! hahaha And maybe just one little glass of wine to celebrate as I continue on.

Shall I share the website? hahaha Of course, here ya go Just be sure to READ all the helps so you don't miss anyone. Wishing you all much success!!!!


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