Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Thanks to Bonnie for inquiring if I was OK 'cause she hadn't seen any Blogs from me for quite a while. hahaha At least it got me going again and I'll try adding some more tomorrow.

I'm perfectly fine. Well, maybe not quite 'perfectly' - had lots of tests and appointments to keep when we returned home from BC - and found out I'm NOT quite perfect. hahaha I suppose this isn't news to anyone, me included, but nothing serious ... Nope, just been double busy catching up on stuff that got left behind over the three months we were gone - like birthdays!! Good grief - my Son's on May 1st. Hubby's May 2nd. My Mom's May 3rd RIP, but took a drive to her gravesite. Hubby's Mom, also RIP, and his brother's May 4th. Oh it doesn't end there, but you get the idea. Granddaughter had four events since we got home, and she comes here this Friday and I can hardly wait!! We buy her as many presents as her age while we're away. Then I write up a scavenger hunt when we can have her here and that's how she finds her presents. She's 8 now so the hints/clues need to be 'harder' ... this year her clues have words that I've purposely miss-spelled kind of like a Word Jumble ... so she needs to solve the word(s) and then figure out each clue. It's great fun, but was much easier for me when she was younger. haha Anyway, that's just a few of things that have kept me busy and not blogging. Plus I'm also writing the presentations for the Genealogy in the Park presentations I'm doing in one month! It's really fun writing and researching, but let me tell you it's also a GREAT deal of work. So that's my apology. Thanks for listening friend!! I'll try to do better.


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