Thursday, May 12, 2016

Protect Your Work!!!

The recent fires in Northern Alberta, primarily at Fort McMurray [Fort Mac], reminds me to remind you to be sure you have back-ups of your genealogy work. If you've got everything digitized, on your computer, good for you, but what happens when {not if} your computer fails because it WILL fail. If you have an external hard drive where does it live? Right beside your computer? If you've put your work on flash drives where do you keep them? If you've got paper copies where are those kept? Even Thomas McEntee suffered a crash in the cloud and lost some of his work. Back up in at least 3 different places on 3 different mediums.

We all have invested too much blood, sweat and tears to not take the best steps possible to preserve our work. Share your work with relatives, preferably ones who don't live too close. Flash drives, or external hard drives could be stored in your safe(ty) deposit box. Think about where you could store duplicates that would keep them safe should the unthinkable happen to your home - fires, floods, break-ins, tornadoes. Do it now and let's hope we never need them.


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