Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Genealogy in the Park - June 10, 11 2016

This is the second Genealogy in the Park Event and features yours truly as guest speaker/presenter. I cannot wait to do this!! I have learned so many new features of the LAC website as I researched and prepared this session. I've also packed a ton of tips and tricks into each presentation AS WELL as adding as much as possible, including buckets of Web links to follow, to the handout each participant will go home with so they can learn even more!! I really really enjoy Edmonton and Alberta genealogists. Each time I'm there I meet and renew acquaintances with so many valued friends, and I always learn something new too!! It's hard to beat face to face networking. Who knows who YOU might meet ... in a class, at lunch break, or just over coffee? Might be someone to help break down a brick wall or two!! Join in you wonderful folks from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, BC, North Dakota, Montana, Florida? haha Here's the link with all the info

June 10, 2016
1:00 PM – 3:30PM

We LOVE the thrill of the chase! Later we can’t find what we *know* we have. This one deals strictly with getting control of the copious amounts of paper we collect, and getting it organized so you can find, within a few seconds, exactly what you are looking for! Eureka! Hello happy dances, and goodbye dust bunnies!! This session is aimed at all skill sets.

After Pat's sessions, participants are invited to stay, socialize, brainstorm, and network. Feel free to bring your genealogy treasures, a unique/unusual/strange find to share.

Refreshments will be served at this event.

June 11, 2016
Doors open at 8:00 am
Library Archives Canada

Although the repository is physically located in Ottawa Canada, the LAC website is becoming more of a go-to place for digitized Canadian record collections. There are several electronic tools which make access to its collection easier. One caveat: the tools were seemingly never designed by, or for, genealogists! The most useful Canadian record types searchable at LAC, online & FREE, include: censuses, newspapers, BMDs, church, military, land, immigration and citizenship. There are treasures within, but many are not so easily discovered, and others records remain perfectly hidden. Before we can find success in our ‘old country’, we need all the answers available in Canadian records. Come learn the drill down process, and find your own treasures as a competent user of this website.
This session is suitable for all skill sets.

11:30 - 1:00 pm Lunch (Bring your own lunch)

Who’s Your Momma?
This is the perfect choice for an hour of genealogy hilarity, and head scratching – sometimes even a couple tears. The entire session is inter-active, with everyone participating in helping me figure out certain problems, problems we all face. Every single attendee will be anxious to rush home with new skills that WILL break down some brick walls. I highly recommend for ALL skill levels. And it’s fun!!


One stop shopping using newspapers provides so much more than just BMDs and obits! Thousands of historical newspapers are online, some free, some not. All are chock full of stories about the lives of so many ordinary people that were closely detailed in newspapers. Family history you may never find anywhere else. This session is aimed at all skill sets.

Refreshments will be served on Saturday, bring your own lunch.


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