Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mocavo & US Census FREE FOREVER

So Mocavo always promised they would keep their records FREE Forever. Then they were taken over by FindMyPast which is a genealogy site much like Ancestry. Everyone let out a sigh and figured that was the end of FREE Mocavo records. Not so fast!! Findmypast marketing manager has shared the following

"All the Mocavo content either is or will shortly be published for free on Findmypast in line with our promise to Mocavo customers. All that is required to access the content will be for users to register and create a free account (just the same as was done for Mocavo)."

"I can now confirm that all US Census years are now free on Findmypast as per our Mocavo promise".

Create your free account and begin your searches!! I've been told there is NO credit card requirement and NO automatic billing.


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