Thursday, May 12, 2016

Historic Winnipeg Postcards & Directories - Online

The Winnipeg Public Library has published thousands of historic postcards of the city and province and put them online in their PastForward area. There are in excess of 1500 images of Winnipeg. For many of our ancestors Winnipeg was as far west as the mighty railroad could take them. It's also the reason we often find Winnipeg listed as the final destination on ships passenger lists as they just didn't know how much further west they could get, or what the place name would be where they finally stopped. For the postcards

The library also has digitized Winnipeg city directories from 1880 - 1965. Directories can be the only record of folks who had moved on, or not arrived yet, in between census decades. Directories were published every year in cities. Have a look!hendersons/searchterm/sand/field/all/mode/all/conn/and


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