Wednesday, May 11, 2016

DNA Kit Arrived

Wow that was fast! I wanted to put up pics of what the kit looks like, BUT my own cell phone is at the cell phone hospital - is seems it is quite important to NOT just jamb the charger in either way until it fits. sigh And this loaner phone will just not co-operate with my blog. double sigh

So the kit: Not much to it - a sheet of instructions, 2 swabs, 2 little vials with liquid, a plastic baggie, and a return envelope. Plus a green 'release form (optional)' allowing FTDNA to make my name and email address available to my relevant genetic match(es). Well of course I'll check that - otherwise what would be the purpose? At the bottom of the green form is a place to fill in with your most distant known ancestors county of origin for Paternal, and another for Maternal. For me Paternal will be Ireland 1838, and Maternal will be Netherlands 1634. What a difference a country makes! LOL

Apparently it's best to do this DNA scraping procedure first thing in the morning so tomorrow is it!! I have a feeling this will be a painfully loooooong wait for the results from an anxious genealogist. haha


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