Wednesday, December 31, 2014

MY Genealogy Do-Over: thoughts!

OK so this is my fourth re-write for this post! sigh. I am trying to keep this very short and succinct which seems impossible. The whole thing deals with Thomas MacEntee's Genealogy Do-Over and the red do-over button that has literally taken over social media. If you're not seeing it ... well lucky you!!

I have nothing but admiration for Thomas, whom I only know through his many genealogy endeavors online. In fact when he first began talking about this Do-Over I had already begun my own a few months earlier. I know so much more now that when I began, and I realized that I needed to improve my source citations, and my organization which is why I began by purchasing Legacy 8 software. I know my research is really, really good so no problems there. Anyway, I decided to join in Thomas's Do-Over which actually begins Jan. 2nd. What's the problem? Wellllll

So many people have begun posting their ideas, their numerous self-created spreadsheets, their tracking methods, their file folders and sub folders and sub-set sub folders, their blogs, articles, software developments & comparisons, Evernote, OneNote, Evidentia, etc etc etc that I'm truthfully sick to death of it all and it doesn't even officially begin until Friday! OMG folks! If I had, or have, to learn all these complicated methodologies I would throw all my twenty years of work [including 57 binders of documents] straight into the nearest burning barrel ... and in small town Saskatchewan that's not a long walk. haha

So I am standing up today in saying that this hype has gotten waaaaay out of hand! I was thinking this is not what Thomas envisioned either, except he is the one promoting many of the bloggers ideas. Well no matter. We are all capable of making our own decisions. Remember when your Mom said "If Tommy jumped off the bridge would you do it too?" haha

KISS = keep it simple stupid [or sweetheart]. That's how I plan on doing this. I want my do-over simple, straightforward, careful, and correct. I want anyone to be able to pick up my work, read it, understand it, and be able to continue it and improve it if possible. I want my family to enjoy their family! If my work becomes super complicated to understand, even if I'm long dead, that trip to the burning barrel will still take place!!

So for me I'll stay within the Genealogy Do-Over group - at least for a short bit. I will attempt to pick up good ideas that will fit within my needs. BUT if the over hype continues I'll be dropping out as I could be actually working towards my goal and not spending all my time reading long convoluted ways that will do nothing for me except slow me down.

So that's my rant for the day! And it's taken way too much time to write, but I'm concerned that many of you are feeling overwhelmed by this whole thing. Obviously we all need to follow the good solid foundations of genealogy research and recording. After that, just get at it! Go slow, read carefully, one word at a time, and just do it.

And if I could sum my Do-Over in one word it would be REVIEW!! Read it all again, carefully. I'll be back at it once we get where we're going for the winter. In the meantime I'll be doing a lot of skipping this over hype stuff. Jeez .............


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