Monday, December 8, 2014

Find A Grave INDEX - an early Christmas present from Me to You

WOW!!!! As I work on this upcoming online course to help you to learn how to use to its fullest ... I keep coming across new and wonderful goodies. BUT today I found such a great one that I cannot, in good conscious, keep just for the course!

For anyone who has never used Find A Grave (silly you), I've just found that has indexed the entire site . One of the beauties of the familysearch website is the optional spelling [meaning it will pick up all those wild and crazy spelling variations that cause us so many brick walls]. This feature has also been incorporated into this new index. I've already solved numerous problems that have plagued me for ages.

Be sure to look for the direct link to Find A Grave from your matches. There could be much more information available, including photos, biographies, stories, and even entire families along with female married surnames [found one of those just now!]

Could I just remind you to send a little "Thank You" to the volunteer who did the work please? It's easy. And it takes all of us helping out in various ways, so perhaps you'd like to help once the snow is gone ... in your own little area of the World? Something to consider. It also feels good.

The source citation is at the bottom of each match. Be sure to include it so you never forget where you found it!!!!!!

An Index has also been created for BillionGraves

So this is an early Christmas present to all my friends out there who follow my blog. Maybe I'll meet you in class one day!! :-) in the meantime, Feel free to send presents!! Hahaha

Happy Searching,

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