Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Money Exchange Rates Just Bit Me in the Butt!

So guys I purchased the newest Legacy 8 Deluxe as it was time to really do it right, with the most advanced software. AND when it was half price it was the right time. So at slightly less than 19 bucks I hit the purchase button. Guess what? That 19 bucks turned into $41.40 Canadian. Blood Hell! Our loonie SUCKS! And *that* was 50% off? I went for the disc, as well as the download + book because I've purchased just the download in the past. Worked great. Until I purchased a new computer and could not load the software as I didn't have the disc.

Anyway, something to really keep in mind as we shop over the border, or online. It's still not horrible as I'm excited to get at it, BUT ............ I'm pissed at our exchange rate! Of course I could have taken time and checked the exchange before I purchased. Sigh. Sometimes a deal is not really a deal. WHEN will I learn? OK maybe I'll love this new version and over the long run it won't matter. It will still be a deal? Haha ... well we'll see.


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