Friday, December 5, 2014

Family History Centres - What's in each one?

So what is a Family History Centre? It's an arm of the largest genealogical library in the WORLD ... the one in Salt Lake City. And there are 4,700 FHCs in 134 countries! One of the best happens to be in Regina SK!!

I just found the answer to 'what's in each one?' - no matter where you are in the World - for the one closest to you: see the address, contact info, hours, AND what's in their inventory. Wow! Here ya go

For a couple decades I've taught a course on using the Mormon records, all part of Our last class - for those in Saskatchewan - always took place AT the Regina FHC. That is still part of my plan for 2015. The website is so totally different than a couple years ago, it requires a brand new course. And as much as I love the changes I'll be glad when they stop the major ones ... so I too can stop constantly making changes! :-)

Cheers and Happy Searching!

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