Monday, December 22, 2014

Are You Missing Me?

Well that would be nice [haha], and in fact to those of you who have emailed me and I've not gotten back to, my apologies and I do really LOVE hearing from you! BUT 'tiss the season! Piano recitals, gymnastic performances, Christmas Concerts, family cookie decorating parties, friends invitations, and a bit of sleep now and then ... it's been busy. Plus I've had my lovely little granddaughter for several days, and I love her to death BUT she is a lot of busyness. She's seven. And my kids just let me know that they think it would be a great idea to come to Mom's for Christmas! WOW!! That's just super and I'm thrilled. Now with only a couple days to prepare ... let the preparations begin?! Sheeeeeeshhhhh.

So while I have been able to keep myself up to date with all the new stuff coming down the pipeline, there has been zero time to post any of it. I guess it's a case for you guys of 'you get what you pay for'? Haha .. Just kidding.

I may get a chance to plunk in the odd item here and there, but then I'm sure you are all busy too. I do remember having one Christmas when I was all alone and very lonely, totally broke, and with nothing free to do [this was long before the Internet which I couldn't have afforded anyway] and too depressed to do it anyway, sooooo for anyone who can invite some lonely person in, or out, for a coffee, a little visit, or a meal ... please know how much that might mean. For those of you lucky enough to at least have the Internet you are never totally alone. Dig around in my site and try out some of those old posts you may not have had time to search thoroughly. Think of a word, or term, and type it into the Search box on my homepage ... or just scroll through the posts on the bottom right side by month.

And I'll hopefully talk to you soon. Thanks to all who have let me know you missed me!!


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