Monday, October 17, 2016

She's BACK!!

Hello Everyone!
We had a fantastic time driving for 45 consecutive days, covering 13,000 kms, or 14,000 kms including the many ferries we took. It will take some time to digest all the great places we saw, and the wonderful people we met. The really great part of coming home is getting to NOT have to pack up each morning AND sleeping in the same bed each night ... our bed. sigh. Anyway it was a wonderful trip.

In 2016 I travelled from coast to coast, was in every Canadian province, AND in every capital city of every province, plus 5 US States. It will never happen again. And I really, really mean it when I say "What a HUGE country Canada is". haha With a bit of time I'll try to share bits and pieces of this trip. My objective is to put the story into a PowerPoint presentation, include pictures of course, and buckets of stories (cause I'm a story teller), and you know it would need to include some of the genealogy I did along the way ... and then I don't know what I'd do with it, so that may never see the light of day, but my intentions are good. Lol

So folks I go back into classes in Regina next week! More about that in another blog, but excited to start another group of people on their own genealogy adventure. Nice to be back with all you guys too!! Hope everyone is well? Any news? Any success stories? Would love to hear!!


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