Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ireland - Townland Valuation Translator

I'm just going to go play with this, so I may have more to say later - but in the meantime [cause my day is just not going the way I'd like it to! Tooooo many distractions!! Like I just found a hole in a new set of bed linens [well 2 months old] but nearly 200 dollars ... so search for the sales slip, find it, check internet for their return policy, find out you need the original packaging! Bloody Hell! There went 30 mins., plus time to stitch up hole. @#$$%^] THAT folks, has been my morning: full of 'distractions'

here is the link first to Claire Santry's article

If you're an Irish researcher you should ALWAYS listen to everything Claire has to say. Today she is sharing what John Schnelle has developed so "Thanks John!".

And then the link to John's translator

So I've done some work with this translator and it's quite amazing what it can tell you. I knew my County Down great grandparents were poor, but it's so much worse than I realized. I guess that's why they were mainly weavers, to supplement the meager living they had from their tiny plot of land. I wonder what they would think if they could see the 30 some sections of land my family currently farms? Coming to Canada was indeed a very good move.


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