Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Irish Research Wizard

I've just worked my way through using this new tool, and it's pretty interesting! You'll want to have your Irish names and dates handy as they ask a lot of questions. The only thing I see missing is a location to input, but perhaps I just missed it. I'm going to work with it again, on another Irish family. It's FREE, so give it a try.

This is the blurb I got - "This Irish research wizard at Irish Ancestors will give you some general suggestions in response to your answers to several questions about your Irish person. It does not apparently perform automatic searches of records. The results will suggest sites you should use and provide you with some information about records that may be helpful. Make certain you have your known information about the ancestor, his parents, and his children handy before completing the wizard."

Here ya go https://www.johngrenham.com/wizard/


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