Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pictures of Bernardo Home Children

If you've not heard of the Home Children go here http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/discover/immigration/immigration-records/home-children-1869-1930/pages/home-children.aspx

Just PLEASE read all the preamble so you understand the whole story. A few days ago I saw this article about the Bernardo home releasing pictures of some of their 'home children'. I've not had time to read the entire article, BUT I have noticed the decidedly Bernado spin on these children ... another reason to be well informed before we just take for granted that the Bernardo spin is the only side to the story. There was, sadly, a very different side for many of the children. Anyway, maybe someone will find a picture of a family member - not impossible as about 11% of Canada's population are descended from a 'Home Child'. Here's the link to the Bernardo pictures http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3759702/A-jailbird-s-daughter-engaging-little-fellow-left-charity-massive-bequest-black-child-Fascinating-pictures-faces-youngsters-fostered-Barnardo-s-150-years-ago.html


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